Collection Three 2021, Guardians, is a special collection.
The term ‘guardians’ implies a position of protection over another being or thing. Plants and animals are the first teachers, the first authority and protector, our guardians. These beings provide the blueprint on how to relate to others and all beings in the natural world.
There is an essential responsibility to protect the world in any way we can, to draw attention to the ways we are hurting the planet, and find ways to do better. This world provides and protects us, an intrinsic relationship of reciprocity that only works if we do the same. Like a hike through a forest this collection is time taken to focus on what we overlook; our guardians. With design cues from the 80’s, an era that saw a surge of environmental justice and awareness around concepts of sustainability, the colours and prints in this collection draw attention to ways we can do better.
It is essential for each of us to protect all beings around us.
We are all guardians.
Creative Direction: Katie Kolodinski
Art Direction: Marianne Krauss