Channelling prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead, dive into our capsule collection dedicated to the Lunar New Year.

Ignite the year of abundance with our Lunar New Year Ensemble. Featuring our iconic 90s slip dress, a boyfriend shirt, bias-cut pants and a money pouch – the collection debuts a unique dragon print from German-based Chinese designer Ruby Lee.
Silk Laundry celebrates the Year of the Dragon with a capsule designed by German-based designer Ruby Lee, drawing inspiration from her Chinese heritage. The collection, featuring an exclusive dragon print symbolizing nobility, honor, luck, and success, includes a short-sleeved boyfriend shirt, '90s slip dress, bias-cut pants, and a money pouch, all in a vivid red hue. 

Capturing the auspicious spirit of 2024’s zodiac, the dragon – a beacon of power and success – rightfully claims center stage in this exclusive collaboration, offering a distinctive ensemble to wear with confidence. This limited-edition line embodies the dragon's powerful symbolism and blends bespoke design with Silk Laundry's commitment to luxurious and conscious clothing for an auspicious and stylish Lunar New Year 2024 celebration.