The 90s: Rise of the Silk Slip Dress

The 90s was an influential decade that entertained the rise of supermodels and refined the fashion industry as a classic and educated landscape. Major model names quickly ascended to the top of the scene, influencing the feminine styles that followed.

Kate Moss made her mark on the modelling industry early in the decade, instantly transforming it into one rich with slinky figures, silk slips, cigarettes and champagne.

Highlighting a woman’s natural figure and drawing the eye with subtle movement, the inimitable slip was worn at after-show parties, industry events and wedding ceremonies. The silhouette combined simple elegance with ease-of-wear, creating the perfect “just stepped out” ensemble, elevating every setting.

Kate rocked the slip dress like no other. The young supermodel showcased her waif figure in a range of lengths and colours, giving a delicate charm and shape to her long limbs. A fashion house favourite, she was photographed in Vogue-red, silver and sheer and perfected the art of less-is-more with sleek hairstyles and a no makeup look.

In 1996, Gwenyth Paltrow stepped onto the red carpet with Brad Pitt, wearing the style that had become synonymous with Hollywood. The elegant white beaded silk slip showcased her hipbones and was complemented with subtle jewellery, a simple and eye-catching approach.

Sofia Coppola is regarded an ultimate 90s icon, known specifically for full-length and shorter styles in colours ranging from lilac to classic black. The American director and actress showed that the silk slip could surpass and replace the need for a little black dress.

Carolyn Bessette walked down the aisle in silk, and the bias-cut slip has since been referenced more than any other bridal style in history. Sheer gloves and a veil tucked into a simple up-do framed the floor-length gown, making a sleek statement.

The slip dress has endured through the trends that have surfaced and dissolved over the years, securing its place in well-considered wardrobes. Luxurious silk is produced with high quality in mind, ensuring that each investment secures an eternal piece that will last through the decades.

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