Lost Track Of Time


    French designer and feminist Coco Chanel was often snapped in silky ensembles, elevated by her signature pearls. She was a pioneer for pyjamas in fashion: one of the earliest statements for female liberation. 

    The style holds a well-deserved place in the wardrobes of fashion-forward women worldwide. Fashion week calls for experimentation and we see pyjamas styled to perfection, often layered up or untied, with undergarments peeking through. 

    The leisurely pace of pyjamas meets the demands of a busy lifestyle without compromising comfort. Matching sets remove the time that would be spent curating an outfit, or tucking a silk shirt into denim creates a classic, yet relaxed look. 

    Reach for a suit in the morning and it's sure to carry you through morning meetings, lunch dates, and after-work drinks. There's no need to change the moment you sneak through the door, so spread across the lounge and kick up your feet.

    It's difficult to disagree with an outfit that has no time stamp.