Steps to a Sustainable Future

We are not yet a fully sustainable brand, we are a brand making considered decisions every day to be more accountable. Sustainability is a vast and immense practice that touches every aspect of our business. From social change to environmental health, our consideration is to always do and be better. With the industry as it currently exists, sustainability can be daunting without solutions that are readily available. Step by step, we are building our own road map to make sustainable practices an essential and actionable priority with room to adapt as technologies and information develop and change. We continuously seek out and adopt better practices for a better future using three guiding principles:

1. Work to understand every aspect of our supply chain and know who is making our clothing.

2. Question if the things we are doing today are actions that can continue into the future without negatively impacting society and the environment. 

3. Ask how we can move from sustaining current conditions to regenerating what we have lost and having a positive impact on people and the planet.

Our path to sustainability is a work in progress. As we move forward for 2020, our short and long term goals include seeking out new partnerships and working with craftspeople in local communities. Continuing to work on capsule collections in collaboration with organisations working against animal endangerment, environmental disasters and social injustice. Eliminating the use of plastics,  implementing more organic and recycled materials and using natural dyes derived from plants. We have recently completed the B Corp Impact Assessment and are working towards becoming a certified B Corporation.
We as a business are made up of people who care, and like you, we are affected by the health and wellbeing of our world. Taking care of the planet is self-care. We look forward to continuing to share our sustainability journey with you.