In Conversation: Bianca Lilaberte

Bianca Laliberté is the creative behind Scribe Notebooks; notebooks that are bound, printed, assembled and glued on recycled paper and cardboard made in Quebec. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Bianca collaborated with Silk Laundry to develop our Monarch Notebook, in aid of our awareness campaign devoted to the endangered Monarch Butterfly. Scribe’s website states “Scribe makes objects that exist to remind people that the notebook is a cultural object. And that, even small as it is, hidden behind books, works and people, it occupies a capital place in the collective imagination.” We had the pleasure of connecting with Bianca in order to learn more about the wonderful mind behind Scribe.

Silk Laundry Monarch Butterfly Notebook x Scribe


Tell us a little bit about yourself, Scribe and what you do at Scribe?
I work on building this emerging company called Scribe, which is quite practical, while doing a PhD, which is more theoretical. I see Scribe as a little research playground. And I am very serious about it. I learn to do so many different things, from leading a production process to conception and sales. I am hoping, within the next couple of years, to find a distinct, thoughtful, and healthy approach to business and to production. Therefore taking my time means everything to me.
 Bianca Pieuf x Silk Laundry 
In your company mission it says that Scribe promotes thought over decoration – how would you describe this as an every-day action?
I’m not against decoration. But it’s overrated and it stays at home. Thinking travels. We can count on it anytime, anywhere, rain or shine. And at last let’s say it: thinking is beautiful. 
Can you please explain sewn binding? 
Sewn binding is an old medieval technique. It is the strongest and most reliable type of binding out there. Also it is stylish, especially when the spine is exposed. I chose it because it an easy way for me to make small series of high quality notebooks at the human scale, for a decent price.
In 4 words, could you describe why you love the act of writing with pen and paper as opposed to typing?
No machine just you.
 Bianca from Scribe x Silk Laundry
The production of your notebooks is said to be a practice, where you incorporate your knowledge from being an art historian and love for your work. What is the importance of creation by intention?
Art history teaches to see. Learning to better see the world and to make things appear in it that speak to our eyes, is enough of an intention to me. Let’s call it creation. I love that word.
Why is it important for yourself and for Scribe to use recycled materials and a slow-production method of creating?
I’m not in a hurry. Life and things go too fast and recycling slows us down.
At Scribe you do a lot of collaboration and we’re sure that you get to work with a lot of great companies and motivating individuals. What does it mean for you to create a community with other lovers of the art?   
I’m lucky. I learned to surround myself with good people I have lots of respect for. People I would go to war with, a peaceful war of course!
Katie and Nadia from Silk Laundry make a quite chic and brilliant example of the people I am speaking of.
What are you listening to at the moment? 
I fell for a song by Aaron saying : don’t be afraid, there is no mistake. The clip shows the old Van Damme dancing. The whole thing is sharp, irreproachable.
What is one piece of advice that you’d give your younger self?
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