Interview: Katie Kolodinski, Creative Director

Tell me about yourself!

My name is Katie Kolodinski. I’m Australian-Canadian. I grew up in a small town in Ontario – then moved to Australia when I was 18. After 17 years in Australia I decided it was time to come back so my family and I moved back to Canada last year. 

I’m the founder and creative director of Silk Laundry, which I started in 2015.

I am also a mother of 2.

What was your professional path leading up to starting a brand?

I actually graduated with a degree in Psychology but my heart was never there. After graduating I kept studying different creative fields trying to find my path. I studied gilding, I worked on weekends with a friend as a picture framer framing fine art in Sydney, I loved being able to work with my hands stretching canvases. I studied Fashion Illustration and Industrial Sewing, Floristry, Interior Design and I spent many years working in retail. I absolutely loved it all. I loved managing, finding people who were suited to join the team and making customers happy. I think all the experiences in my life eventually lead me right where I am today.

How did the brand come about?

I started Silk Laundry almost by accident, it came about very organically, through my passion for beautiful things and quality design. 

I’ve always had a preference for natural fibers over synthetics as they feel so much better close to the skin. I wanted to create beautiful clothes that were uncontrived and well made. To me, the silk slip dress was simply the most perfect item of clothing that I could think of, and that’s where Silk Laundry began.

What makes it different from other clothing companies?

A slowness. The way that it’s made for longevity. I try not to create something that will date from season to season. I aim at creating classic pieces that you could wear for years to come. We also put a noticeable emphasis on the craftsmanship, fabric and quality of each style, which sets us apart from others.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is really a reflection of my values so its practical, uncontrived and non-restricting but at the same time – I love fashion and my personal wardrobe very archival, with a lot of amazing vintage pieces and items that I’ve had for a very long time. I love re-thinking how to wear something so that it looks current…

What is your philosophy towards fashion?

My personal philosophy towards fashion is informed by an appreciation for quality and beauty so whether it's the perfect chair, coffee mug or vase. I take a less is more, considered approach….

Every item I look at purchasing its always with a long-term view – is this something I will wear in 5 years,10 years? Today it’s called ‘slow fashion’ but for me, this has always been my approach.

Growing up in small town Ontario, my parents were both of eastern European descent and we lived incredibly simply and the idea of being wasteful or superfluous was really not something that was even an option for me. I recall my grandfather saying ‘expensive shoes are for poor people’ which is how we saw ourselves and the idea of investing in quality things made a lot of sense to me.