Our New Neighbors: Stem Bar

Last summer, a rumor spread that a storefront on the street where the Silk Laundry Montreal store resides was set to be leased to a chain fast food restaurant. The businesses on the block, a mix of fine dining and boutique shops, quickly became concerned about the integrity of their neighborhood being compromised. In collaboration with our Montreal neighbors to the left, the beloved September Cafe, we embarked on a proposal to fill the empty space with a business that could enrich the local experience.

And so construction began in August, and after a long and tumultuous six months of renovations, Stem Bar opened its doors. With an interior by architect Ravi Handa, Stem Bar feels upscale and inviting. Stem Bar is a neighborhood restaurant, a place to have a snack or a full meal, to enjoy a pint of a Quebec microbrew or a bottle of natural wine curated by Sandro Ghirotto and Édouard Chambertin. Kevin Tolton, chef and part owner of both September and Stem bar, offers a rotating seasonal menu, where portions are made for sharing and each dish complements the next. We are very proud of our good friends and new neighbors, and on any given night, you may find at least one Silk Laundry employee having a drink at their bar. If you find yourself in town, we urge you to join us.

Photo by Boris Halas