As a child of the 80’s, I grew up along the migration path of the monarch butterfly. I have spent Summers fascinated by them. But I also saw their decline firsthand. Something that was once so magical as a child, is now a rarity during Summer months. In the last year alone, the population of the monarch butterfly has decreased by 53%.

Monarch butterflies need the milkweed plant to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, due to industrialization and deforestation, the milkweed plant is becoming scarce. At Silk Laundry we’re making strides toward helping the species, and call all friends of Silk Laundry to aid us in this mission. Whether planting milkweed seeds in your local area, or by signing our petition protesting against the destruction of monarch butterfly habitat, you can help us save an entire species. 

By supporting our Monarch Butterfly Collection you aid our mission to raise awareness for the declining population of a beloved pollinator. Every Winter, monarch butterflies fly from Canada to Mexico for a three month hibernation. Their 2,500 mile journey can be arduous, and the monarch butterfly is now considered endangered. In the 1980’s there were approximately 4.5 million monarch butterflies, now it’s estimated between 20,000 and 27,000 remain.

Please, help raise awareness and fight for the conservation of the butterfly. Sign our petition to protect their habitat, use our monarch butterfly Instagram filter, and join your voice with ours.

- Katie Kolodinski, Founder & Creative Director