The hair benefits of silk scrunchies

    So, the scrunchie is back and we need to talk about its many merits. First and foremost, it’s a fashion forward accessory that can be used to dress up a casual updo or worn on the wrist to tie an outfit together. A scrunchie is the optimal addition to any outfit, day or night, for a nonchalant yet polished look. I mean, what better way to compliment a 90’s Silk Slip Dress than with a scrunchie that simply screams 90’s chic? But the benefits don’t stop there. Our silk scrunchies also nurture your hairs’ health. In comparison to its elastic counterpart, the humble silk scrunchie glides over the hair unencumbered while the typical elastic hair fastener usually results in extensive damage to the hair. Not only will your hair be healthier, but that pesky ponytail kink will be no longer and the headaches that typically result from a whole day of pulled back hair. Although they cop their fair share of criticism, we think that the scrunchie has a valid place in your accessory drawer simply because it makes the top knot even easier to achieve.

    Silk Scrunchies are available in Black, Emerald, Hazelnut & Dahlia.

    Coming soon in Khaki, Flora & Galaxy Black.