Spotlight On: Hemp


At Silk Laundry we believe that education leads to considered decisions. In learning more about materials and their environmental impact, we can make the right choice for ourselves and our planet. Collection Three 2021: Guardians premieres our first hemp-blend textile. In the ongoing effort of expanding our offerings of sustainable fabrics, we chose to work with hemp because of its adaptability to cooler and warmer climates. Hemp is a sustainable material derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Though the fabric is made from the stem, it’s unique in that every part of the plant has utility. You’ve most likely seen hemp oil and seeds in cosmetics and foods.

Hemp and the environment

What makes hemp stand out is its less harmful environmental impact when compared to other natural materials such as cotton. Crops like cotton require heavy irrigation, which puts a strain on freshwater resources. Hemp, in contrast, uses significantly less water. As a crop, hemp has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Hemp on the body

Due to the fiber’s durability and versatility, hemp as a material has historically been used for industrial applications such as for ropes and sails. Hemp is also known for its incredible breathability. Light and airy, it is sweat-wicking and holds its shape. We’ve designed our hemp pieces to be timeless to honor the textile’s longevity and resistance to wear. When designing, we consider the relationship between a piece and its wearer for years to come. Hemp is one of those magical fabrics that gets softer and gentler with each wash.

Make it yours and experience hemp with the Yak Blend Miami Blazer, Yak Blend Overshirt, and Yak Blend Basketball Shorts.

Now available.