Simple Steps To A More Sustainable Future

We are constantly trying to find new ways to become more sustainable and do our part to soften the impact on the earth. We are not perfect, but we feel that by making considered decisions in our practices and living our lives with sustainability at the forefront, we can lessen our footprint on the earth. 
At Silk Laundry, we strongly believe in buying less but buying better. With that, we also believe that conscious living means making considered decisions to choose exceptional quality over mass-produced items. Some simple steps that you can adopt immediately include favouring natural materials, looking for versatile styles and demanding higher quality pieces that will last longer than a single season.

The Deco Silk Slip Dress Camel Houndstooth
In honour of Earth Day, we wanted to share with you some initiatives that we have taken to ensure our footprint is smaller than before.
Silk Organza Bags: All of our online purchases are packed in our silk organza bags that are made from 100% silk. These bags have been designed to allow you to re-use your packaging and soften your impact on the earth. They can also act as a satchel for your lighter farmers market goods, or storage space for your delicates. 

Image provided by @riccipamintuan

Cardboard Recyclable Packaging: We have recently moved from using plastic post packaging and paper packaging to collapsible cardboard boxes.  This ensures that your garment travels securely to its destination can be re-used for storage or safely placed into your recycling bin.  
Garment & Swing Tags: All of our Silk Laundry garment tags feature phrasing that reflects our ethos and encourages ways to preserve the longevity of your garment. 

Front: We encourage you to buy better quality pieces that last. It reduces clutter, simplifies our lives and softens our environmental impact. 
Back: Please wash no more than necessary to increase the life of your garment. If no longer in use, please pass on to a loved one. 

Ways we can all celebrate Earth Day. 
  1. Instead of buying herbs from the market, plant a herb garden in your yard or your window. 
  2. Mail seed packets to your friends to give thanks, show appreciation and encourage gardening. 
    Sow & Sow is a brand that allows you to send seeds in the form of a greeting card. 
  3. Instead of delving back into a Netflix episode, try a  nature documentary or begin the Planet Earth or Life series. No better time than now to educate yourself and your family in the natural beauty of the world. 
  4. People are at home now more than ever. Think about the ways you use energy. Do you need to have as many appliances on? Do you need to have as many lights on? Turn off what you don’t use. 
  5. Have dinner by candlelight tonight. Not only does it save on energy, but it will give your dining space a romantic ambiance. Also, what a good occasion to dress-up. 
  6. When commuting, opt to ride your bike or walk instead of driving. It is a wonderful way to see the neighborhood and notice all the little beauties of where you live. Stop and smell the roses. 
  7. Since we are limited to going outside at the moment, here is a wonderful article that shares ways to celebrate Earth Day digitally. 
We are ever-evolving and always looking towards new and innovative ways to living sustainably. By making intentional purchases we can help to reduce the volume of industry wastage and, in turn, reduce the long-term impact on our environment. Follow us and sign up for our mailing list to stay 
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