Silk Love Stories 03: Tatiana

Introducing Tatiana for Silk Love Stories

We’re so proud to have dressed Tatiana for her fall Montreal wedding in nature. We chatted with the bride about how she fell in love and continues to fall in love with her groom, Eric, and what mattered most on their special day.

Tatiana wears the Bridal 90's Slip Dress from our White Collection


SL: Tell us about the wedding.

T: Our wedding was at Mount Royal Park in Montreal, on the east side, about a 15-minute walk from home. Our immediate families, notary, and groom’s best friend present. In all, seven guests plus my husband and me. The park is lush with a mix of forest and green space. If you know where to venture it feels like you’ve entirely left the city. We had wanted a civil ceremony at a courthouse originally but being subject to longer wait times and mandatory masks, we opted for an outdoors ceremony under a beautiful maple that was just starting to show fall colours. It was important to us that we have a simple ceremony.

SL: How did you and Eric meet?

T: Our love story began at work. We relied on each other during exciting, and difficult, times at our company in ways that seemed effortless. I was born in Colombia, but spent my time growing up mostly in Calgary. He, Eric, enjoyed showing me the golden nuggets of his Montreal hometown. Our love blossomed into spending all of our time together, living as a unit and for each other. He is selfless and shows his love through actions. When every little action is laced with such love, it’s easy to love someone just as much. Our journey had seen us together for almost four years before getting married. We’ve spent much of those days entirely together.

SL: What will you cherish most from the day of your wedding?

T: Our wedding day was very unplanned. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve of 2019 and had envisioned a September wedding from. Six weeks before this past September, the wedding invitations still hadn’t been sent out. The thing that I will cherish most is how our families were so flexible with us and made time to be a part of our special day even if we didn’t make it very easy to do so. (Friends were made aware of a small get-together in the park with 24h notice to follow with this theme.) My sister did my makeup. My mom and her partner drove cross-country to avoid airports. My husband’s parents prepared our home to welcome guests. Family really was the best part of the day,

SL: What is love to you? And what makes it last?

T: Love is comfort, joy, and exhilaration. Love shields me from all pain and difficulty, not by protecting blindly, but by standing beside and providing strength. When a person truly touches the most vulnerable and intimate parts of your heart, they leave a mark. Lasting love forces that mark to get bigger and bigger.

SL: What are some special moments you and your husband have shared that stand out for you?

T: We once flew to another country to watch a live orchestra play a rare piece by one of my husband’s favourite composers. This decision was made on a whim, something purely for pleasure and to indulge ourselves with a little adventure. When we got there and sat at an outdoor terraced garden for a surprisingly casual-yet-formal performance by the local orchestra, an overwhelming sense washed over us. We aren’t merely two people to each other. There’s something magical in following your person’s heart’s desire to a Genevan museum for the most perfect and whimsical evening. It’s very special when your only objective is to enjoy each other. In the same spirit, Eric proposed the morning of December 31st 2019. A plane ticket to Nashville, TN to attend the Grand Ole Opry followed.

SL: Why did you choose SL as your dress of choice for your wedding?

T: In my head (I’m sure as every bride has said), my dress was streamlined, midi length, and could be worn for years to come. It would be a dress that I could look back at in photos and not be able to date the year. It was important to me that the dress be of natural fiber and fit the courthouse wedding vibe. Growing up, I never imagined my wedding day or wedding dress. This shopping task should have been simple. The runways always have dresses that are more than beautiful enough to be worn for a wedding. Finding the dress was harder than I ever imagined. Slowly things were being pushed out, or cancelled, in light of the pandemic. Silk Laundry releasing bridal was perfect. This brand that exudes everything that I was searching for– natural fibers, timeless silhouettes, quality, and comfort. Silk is naturally luxe, it’s impossible not to feel special when it glides over the skin. I selected a dress that I already owned in multiple colours (the 90s slip) in this marvelous and thick white silk. Wearing a silk slip in white is daunting, there’s nowhere to hide any insecurity or create any distractions. This didn’t matter though because the silhouette is so flattering. The buttery fabric draped and held taught by thin straps sways softly when you walk. Wearing SL on my wedding day made me feel special. It’s not everyday that a fabric so perfect envelops you.  

T: Once the possibility of a SL Bridal dress became a reality I stopped looking elsewhere. I knew that the delivered product would be exactly what I had in mind. Years later I’ll be able to look back at our park wedding and love what I am wearing.