Silk Love Stories 02: Lucinda Mckimm

Earlier this year Lucinda Mckimm, newlywed, stunning bride, dressed her bridesmaids in Silk Laundry.

Introducing Lucinda Mckimm for Silk Love Stories

Weddings are about love and union. Friends and family. And a love story is incomplete without the inclusion of friends. The kind shared between Lucinda and her bridesmaids is one worth sharing. And we couldn't be happier seeing them dressed in Silk Laundry as they stood beside Lucinda on her big day.


SL: What was your reason for having your bridesmaids wear Silk Laundry Slips and why in a variety of colours?
LM: I wouldn't call my style overly feminine, and the same goes for most of my bridesmaids. I wore quite a minimal and modern Lola Varma dress with a polka dot veil, so tying in the polka dot dresses from Silk Laundry was definitely part of the inspiration. I wanted something a bit unique, something that reflected the girls' style, and something that bucked the notion of what a bridesmaids outfit looks like. I was also emphatic on making sure the girls felt comfortable by picking a style that worked for them. I've seen friends with DD cups look very uncomfortable in dresses more suited to flat chests, and I didn't want any of the girls to have a problem like that.
The colour combinations came from us just sharing what we loved, and I can't believe how good they looked on the day.
SL: Did you choose the dresses for your bridesmaids or did they pick their own style?
LM: A bit of both. One of the girls and I picked our favourite colours, then the girls picked from there.
SL: What was the highlight of your day? Besides saying ‘I Do’, of course.
LM: Looking around and seeing all the people that Haydn and I have grown up with smiling. I can't believe the feeling of happiness and love they all had for us. Plus, getting ready with the girls in the morning, and my friend decorating a broomstick for Haydn to dance with during the first dance (he's known for bringing out the broom at parties).
SL: Did you have a theme for your wedding day?
LM: We didn't have a theme per se, but I'd like to think that I'm not a typical girly bride. As a result, I wanted it to be relaxed and unique; fun tablecloths, polka dot veil, fun music, great bridesmaids outfits paired with colourful heels, a giant tipi, and dried florals. The Silk Laundry dresses tied in beautifully with this!
SL: Do you have a personal favourite Silk Laundry piece?
LM: I am loving the pinstripe in the slip style; timeless and fun at the same time.

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