Silk Laundry x Manos del Uruguay

Every piece from Manos del Uruguay weaves together community and culture. Founded in 1968 by five women - Olga Pardo Santayana de Artagaveytia, Sara Beisso de Souza, Dora Muñoz de Cibils, María del Carmen Bocking, and Manila Chaneton de Vivo - this worker-owned cooperative in Uruguay thrived despite adversity. 

Drawing inspiration from the richness of their local culture, these women harnessed the beauty of craft and materials to improve their lives and those of their community. More than half a century later, Manos del Uruguay stands as a testament to the power of community and a passion for artisanal crafts.

Silk Laundry is proud to present our first knitted piece, The BIG G Cardigan, made entirely by the skilled hands of the women of Manos del Uruguay. Each garment is crafted from over 1.2kg of wool, taking more than 40 hours to create. The knitting process requires the expertise of at least two artisans, one to spin the yarn and another to knit the cardigan.

The BIG G Cardigan is made of 100% virgin wool from Corriedale sheep in Uruguay. The sheep graze freely in open-air farms, and the two natural colours of the fleeces lend the garment its unique texture and thickness, characteristic of this handspun yarn.

“Our focus when designing this cardigan was to create a versatile and comforting heritage piece. Thank you to the Manos Del Uruguay team for helping us bring this vision to life.”  - Katie Kolodinski  

Discover the Silk Laundry x Manos del Uruguay capsule here.