Silk Laundry’s source of inspiration has always been multifaceted. We are continuously evoked by the confluence of beauty and chaos found in the natural world around us. Our commitment to consciousness manifests in each new collection, collaboration and in connection with our community. Revisit some of our defining moments of the year as we sowed the seeds where realms of activism, storytelling and conscious fashion collide. 

Project 166

Project 166 was conceptualised alongside the purchase of a 1,200-acre plot of land, destroyed by traditional farming and logging. The non-for-profit organisation aims to regenerate the land and plant 166 trees on behalf of every person in the business from the date of purchase. Thus, 166,000 planted trees became the goal. In 2022 we have successfully planted 3,890 trees, a shared shed upgrade, placed bee hives on the land and introduced two new camps in the months of June and September. As one of Project 166’s founding entities, we're pleased to be lucky enough to participate in the development of the inaugural crops and the Project’s foundations.

Flowers for Ukraine

Since the Russian war in Ukraine began in February, Silk Laundry started actively looking to support Ukrainians through our in-boutique flower markets. Proceeds from each flower sold, from Brisbane to Montreal, went to support Ukrainian charities, Masha Foundation and VET Crew. We are pleased to announce that $28,000 AUD has been raised to support the cause.


Flowers in Focus 

In April 2022, we launched Silk Laundry’s inaugural photography competition, Flowers in Focus where we asked for your botanical submissions of any kind. Being our first competition, we didn’t know what to expect. However, all presumptions were jubilantly exceeded as Flowers in Focus attracted nearly 2,000 submissions from all corners of the world. Congratulations to the winner Olivia Peters, and runners up Claire Dalton and Zurica Purlija. We’re pleased to announce that the photography competition is now an annual event with a new theme to be announced later this year. 

Katie Kolodinski's CAFA Nomination

We’re honoured to have been nominated for the CAFA 2022 Womenswear Designer of the Year Award. The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards was created to celebrate outstanding achievements from emerging and established talent in the Canadian fashion industry. Silk Laundry was nominated alongside other great talents in this category such as Greta Constantine, LECAVALIER, UNTTLD and Hilary Macmillan. 

The Four Collections

The year’s collections were a menagerie of motifs inspired by and in conversation with the natural world around us. We introduced new accessories from totes to recycled water bottles as well as new colourways to our Uniform collection inspired by the flora and fauna of our planet. Cedar, Wanderer, Lumira, Sage, Sky, Fire Lily, Calla Green, and Peacock– each an homage to nature. We were lucky to once again collaborate with artist Laura Prochowski to bring to life the prints that form our Lost Worlds collection and raise awareness to endangered species like the Monarch butterfly. We embodied the power of storytelling in fashion with Сім’я (family), a collection inspired by Katie Kolodinski’s Ukrainian heritage. Each design weaving a rich tapestry that tells the story of a family.

 A collection inspired by Katie Kolodinski’s Ukrainian heritage. Сім’я, meaning “family” in Ukrainian is an ode to family and the preservation of tradition. From the Mir print based on pysanky eggs to the blue of the collection representing the sky, air and good health, and the wolf representing loyalty and guardianship. Each design weaves a rich tapestry that tells the story of a family. Сім’я, meaning “family” in Ukrainian is an ode to family and the preservation of tradition. Each design weaves a rich tapestry that tells the story of a family.

 Silk Laundry Celebrates First NYC Pop-Up

Our team at Silk Laundry checked off a big milestone with our first-ever New York pop-up in Soho. The celebrations were kicked off with an in-store cocktail party complete with floral arrangements and a performance from Kelly Zutrau (from Brooklyn indie pop brand Wet). Guests included founder Katie Kolodinski, Ama Elsesser, Sasha Frolova, Brianna Lance, Eloisa Santos, Fernando Casablancas, Gabrielle Richardson and Pam Nasr. 

The pop-up, which was designed and turned around in just under two weeks, ran successfully for five weeks at 149 Spring Street. Until next time, New York.



Fashion Meets Art in Silk Laundry’s Boutiques

Revisiting some of our favourite artistic collaborations from the year. We are grateful to have worked with friends, artists and collaborators from Catbird in New York, moon-guided meditations with Sonja Maplestone in Brisbane, culinary adventures with Jessica Nguyen in Melbourne and Zeynep Boyan’s dazzling sculptures on display in our Montreal store. 

Public Garden 

We ended the year as it had begun; by planting a seed. Silk Laundry’s very own CEO Reece Rackley and Creator Director Katie Kolodinski have set out to create a community space and pollinator garden in Katie’s hometown of Thunder Bay, Canada. The space is housed in the facade of an old bank building with the intention of being transformed into a free space for all to experience.