Our Creative Director's Travel Guide to the South Of France

A Silk Laundry road trip led by Katie and her team took them through the South of France, where they explored quaint coastal villages, indulged in oysters, attempted to catch a glimpse of the elusive pink flamingos without success, and finally settled in Arles for the Rencontre de la Photographie Fair.  

Join us on our trip to the South of France and experience the Abstract collection together...

Day One

  • We set off from (1) Barcelona in the morning, aiming to reach our first destination before noon.
  • Our first stop was (2) Saint Laurent de la Salanque, where we indulged in a beautiful lunch at the renowned (3) Le Barcares.
  • While driving, we came across a stunning sight at (4) Pointe de la Correge, where a bridge allowed the setting sun to paint beautiful colours across the calm waters on both sides.
  • For our first night's stay, we chose Leucate, a quant village, and settled into the welcoming Hotel 19-21. Nestled in the heart of the village, this remarkable hotel seamlessly combines a historic mansion with an old wine cellar, offering a peaceful retreat with a contemporary flair.

Day Two

  • Next on our itinerary was (6) Etang de La Palme, where we found the Noilly Prat restaurant and vineyards, a true gem in the region.
  • We reached (7) Le Marseillan during our journey, where we had an intriguing experience visiting a well-known oyster and mussel farm. At Le St Barth Tarbouriech, which is more than just a restaurant, we savoured the renowned Tarbouriech oysters and enjoyed a delicious "brasucade" of mussels, all paired with local wines.

  • A visit to (8) Maison de Pêcheurs offered us a glimpse into the maritime heritage of the region.
  • Our journey then took us to (9) Arles, a town in the Provence region, known for its lasting attraction to world-renowned artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Over the centuries, artists have been drawn to the picturesque Provençal landscapes, which have found their way onto countless canvases and sketches throughout art history.

  • While in Arles, we had the pleasure of attending the (10) Arles Photo Festival, an annual event held since 1970 from June to September. This festival is a global reference in the world of photography, attracting photographic and contemporary creative talents from around the world. The region is also famous for its lavender fields, located near the town of Brunet, where endless fields of lavender unfold, and the Lavender Museum in Cabrières-d'Avignon.
  • The area has long been a favourite among windsurfers and campervan enthusiasts, thanks to its family-friendly holiday atmosphere.
  • With treasured memories and a heart full of experiences, we eventually made our way (11) back to Barcelona, bringing our memorable journey to an end.

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