Nadia's Top Ten & Her Isolation Playlist

Nadia, our senior designer, shares her top ten things to achieve while self-isolating and what she is listening to while getting it all done. 
  1. Read! Finish the Binti series by Nnedi Okorafor (on book 2) and the Ecology of Commerce 
  2. Do enough yoga that I can touch my head to my knees and conquer crow pose ( is that two in one ?)
  3. Organize/ clean and actually file the papers in my “to be filed” drawer. 
  4. Sleep! And then sleep in! 
  5. Draw without hesitation 
  6. Work on my buffalo cauliflower recipe, in general, explore more things to make with Cauliflower 
  7. Learn the new dances as a means to improve my cardio and (bonus) embarrass my children 
  8. Figure out how to change my septum piercing 
  9. Finish audiobook How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk and put it into practice
  10. Find the silver linings, enjoy my me time and try not to worry too much. 


Nadia's playlist is comprised of energetic beats that inspire and ignite. She mixes classics like Nina Simone's Feeling Good with a wide variety of strong female funk-soul beats like Mereba's Black Truck. 

Stay productive. Stay creative.