Melbourne's Disposable Face Masks


Since the pandemic first broke in 2019, Founder and Creative Director Katie Kolodinski has been documenting the mass pollution of disposable face masks plaguing the streets of Melbourne. This is less a stance on masks and more a dialogue on human nature, and our ability to neglect.

"1.6 billion disposable masks entered the ocean in 2020 and will take 450 years to biodegrade"

Bevan Hurley, in The Independent (July, 2021)

Whether face masks continue to be mandated, it is evident that they'll no doubt remain within our communities for years to come. This is a new way of life that we accept, and understand. Make conscious decisions, and invest in the future of our streets when buying face masks. Our reusable silk face masks are gentle on the skin, breathable, with little environmental impact. Discover these for yourself today — now in a range of sizes.