The Art of Collecting

At Silk Laundry, we understand a wardrobe to be a reflection of an individual. Your moods, goals and memories are mirrored by the pieces you’ve chosen over the years. This romantic idea of collecting inspires the way we create. We make long lasting classic pieces that work together to provide you with valuable additions to your collection. We don't design with Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter in mind, we design for people's wardrobes, providing essentials and occasion pieces that cater to all aspects of everyday life.

Collection 4 | 2019

To reflect this sentiment, we’ve moved from releasing what were previously seasons to collections. Our product lifetime extends beyond a single season, and we believe should not be restricted by seasonal context or the inference of temporality. Working with a team located all over the world offers us the ease of playing with seasons, layers and climates through the design process. This results in pieces that are each part of the greater Silk Laundry collection, which encompasses past, present and future pieces.

Collection 1 | 2020

In viewing each collection, we ask of you to consider each item an addition to your own. We create to reflect your mood, suit your goals and be a part of new memories you go on to make.

Collection 2 | 2020

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