In Conversation with: Nadia Bunyan

Collection Three 2021 is time taken to re-center, and to honor the guardians in our lives. Refined fabrics and colours, and prints designed to draw attention to the ways we can do better, are all highlighted in our latest offering. The strength of this collection was greatly influenced by Silk Laundry’s Senior Fashion Designer, Nadia Bunyan, whose central practice is as a creator. Collection Three 2021 is her first spearheaded and completed start to finish collection with Silk Laundry. We spoke with Nadia to learn more about the conception of her latest work and how she integrates her own personal ethos into all aspects of her life.


Words by Talya Cyr

Did you and Katie have a clear vision going into the design process of Collection Three 2021?

No, we did however have a clear idea of how we were going to design going forward. As Silk Laundry grows so does its capacity to communicate ideas and spread awareness. As a platform, being able to tell stories and share or pass on knowledge is as important as making clothing that complement form and facilitate function. Our one true vision was to really delve into how we tell a story with our collections and what was the story we wanted to tell with this one.


What does the role of a guardian mean to you? How do you protect?

The guardian educates, guides and protects, providing essential tools so that one day those that are protected can in turn become protectors. It is a relationship of reciprocity that can be witnessed between all beings; parent to child, species to species, human to nature and vice versa in all of those cases. We protect by showing and providing care and that isn’t limited to a hug or caress from one person to another, but in our treatment and respect for other beings whether they are, animals, insects, plants or humans.


What did the moodboard for Collection Three look like?

Lots of trees mainly evergreens and wood with sculpted art mainly from the 80's. Birds in flight and tulips. Clean and uncluttered.


Which print in this collection is your favorite?

The flying crane. The tulips are beautiful, but the size and layout of the flying crane is so arresting. There is something very hopeful about a bird soaring through the sky and that's a feeling I want to wear.


Do you think ethos follows action or vice versa?

I guess that may depend on if you are being proactive or reactive, but for the most part I think action follows ethos. The things we do, say and even how we react are generally influenced or informed by our experiences which help to form our ethos. For this collection we started with the things we value, focusing on the natural world, which too often is taken for granted and/or under appreciated. Our action was for this collection to underline such a lack of consideration.


The collection contains lots of design references to both the fashion and silhouettes as well as the environmental ethos of the 80s. How has the visual and political culture of this time inspired you in your life and style?

Life is messy and can feel complicated and overwhelming. I don't want my clothing, or any other part of my life that I control, to feel that way. My style reflects my need to feel cared for and special. I look for and appreciate pieces made with such care and subtle details that enhance their design and function, no matter what era it comes from. We took a lot of cues from the 80's as this was the time when the environmental movement became more mainstream. Overall, I have a deep respect for personal comfort because it is specific to the individual. What makes one person feel good or comfortable may not be the same for someone else and that may change over time. I think style is a shield of personal comfort to support you through life no matter where you may be on that path.


How do you recenter yourself and connect with nature?

By reminding myself that I am a part of it. I get dirty in my garden, take walks and hikes, explore, learn, spend time with friends and family and I observe. Everything is connected and the worst thing we can do is to forget that.

Nadia wears the Yak Miami Blazer Grey Marle with the Camp Shirt Black Tulips and Yak Basketball Shorts Black


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