In Conversation With: Marianne Krauss

Marianne Krauss is a Creative Director, Stylist, and a dear friend based in Barcelona, Spain. We've worked closely with Marianne on a number of our seasonal campaigns throughout the years. We ask her to share some words of advice on pursuing a career as a Stylist, where she sources inspiration for her work and what she loves most about her job.
Photographed by Ezra Patchett

How did you discover your love for fashion, and how has that
translated into the career you are in today?
From an early age, I had a passion for fashion and design. As a child, I would dress myself and make my own outfits. My father used to work in the fashion industry so I was always surrounded by it, plus my mother is such an elegant woman so I always looked up to her. Also, my parents used to travel a lot and so they would bring me back all these amazing clothes and magazines, that I so impatiently would long for.  I grew up in Santiago de Chile and in those times we didn't have all those American brands like Gap, Banana Republic, Keds, etc.
Style has always been extremely important to me as it is a way of expressing yourself.  When I was finishing school, I remember becoming very worries because I was trying to figure out what to study and where. I attended a very rigorous British school, and I knew I didn't want that kind of direction in my life. I asked my father - 'what am I going to study and where?' he replied 'fashion' knowing very well that it was my biggest passion. Shortly after that, I came to Europe.

How did you and Katie meet? 
I met Katie through Adele (Ezra's sister). As they both used to live in the Gold Coast. We connected right away! I just had a look and see that our first conversation was back in June 2017.
Katie & Marianne shot by Ezra Patchett

You have worked with Katie on a number of campaign shoots. 
Is there a specific shoot that stands out to you?
No there really isn't. I love them all. Though I do have favorite campaign images, they all have their own uniqueness and moment in time.
Collection 1 / 2020 & FW 19'

What would you recommend for anyone trying to achieve 
the same career as a stylist/ creative director? 
Work hard and be extremely perseverant. It's not an easy career, most of the work comes from training your eye. Do a lot of tests, and shoot as much as you can. Assist as much as you can, research as much as you can. Find your own style and sense of fashion. For me, teaming up with Ezra ( photographer ) helped a lot, I learned so much about photography from him.
What do you love most about your career?
I love working in teams and it's how I have been able to meet most of my good friends Katie is a very good example. Also, to be honest, there is nothing more satisfying than after a great shoot having a drink with your team and going through the pictures taken that day.  Ezra and I do it all the time. He then sends me a storyboard so we can see it together next time we see each other. The high you get is unbelievable! I also love traveling. My career has allowed me to see places that I never would have never been able to if it wasn't for what I do.
The Collection 2 / 2020 campaign team. 

Where do you look for inspiration?
I am such a big researcher. Actually, it's what I am doing all day if I'm not our styling or directing a shoot. People laugh about it as I never stop. I have so many folders on my laptop.  Inspiration is everywhere but I mostly look at different sites & Instagram pages (sorry, I can't tell all my secrets).
When sourcing a location and colour palette, I look a lot at art and interiors, 90s fashion, and Steven Meisel's work (my favourite photographer.)
The 90s Silk Slip Ivory shot for Collection 2 / 2020 campaign. 

Do you have a favourite Silk Laundry piece? How do you style it?
My favourite is the Ivory Slip Dress because I can style it in so many ways.
When styling for the daytime, I like to pair my slip dress with my flat Miista shoes in a lavender colour. For an evening look, I like to pair a mixture of gold jewelry,red lipstick of course, and mules (another obsession I have.) 
My other favourite is the Warhol Dress which Katie sent to me while I was in Los Angeles for a good friend's wedding that took place in Joshua Tree. That day I styled it with my Wayfarer Ray-Bans and strappy nude sandals from Anny Nord.
Marianne wears the Full Sleeve Bias Cut Dress Warhol

What do you love about living in Barcelona, and what do you 
miss about the city as you are in quarantine?
I love that Barcelona is a very laid back city and at the same time cosmopolitan. 
We are also lucky enough to have the ocean near and so many options for food and things to do. But what I miss most right now is my riding my bike and my yoga classes.

Is there anything you would you like/are trying to achieve while being in Quarantine?
Actually, achieve is not the word for me. I am trying to do things I never have time for doing, such as cooking which I love and studying things I would have never thought of since I rarely have any free time.
I am also having much better conversations with my friends and reconnecting with so many people. I was losing the element of connection. I am also trying to rest, to be honest, I forgot what that was like. 
Lastly, I am planning upcoming shoots and adjusting them to all the changes we are going to face. This alone keeps me busy and creative. 
FW 19' campaign 

Even with the current situation in the world, what are your goals for the remainder of the year?
To be honest, I haven't set any goals. I am trying to get through day by day and take it from there,j just trying to be present.