In Conversation With: CLO Studios

We spoke all things business with the incredible Founder and Creative Director of CLO Studios, Chloe Tozer. Creating the perfect confluence between art and business, we admire Chloe’s unique approach to searching for meaning behind the way pieces are created by the artisans and crafters.


Hello Chloe! We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us for a moment or two. We are huge fans of CLO Studios at Silk Laundry. First things first, we would love to learn a bit more about you. How would you best describe yourself in three words?
Ambitious, creative and a bit crazy.

We recently learned you studied Fine Art and Jewellery Design, which is incredible by the way! How did you find this line of study and have you designed any of your own pieces? 
Art has always intrigued me and when I finished school, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was interested in business and painting. I got told at University that you couldn’t mix the two. I think that’s why I resorted to jewellery, as there was a clear link to how to bring both worlds together.  

Whilst I was in University I launched CLO Jewellery, which was designed and handmade by me. My art degree taught me a lot about creative industries and art history and was a great foundation for me as a designer and creative director.  


Time to chat about all things business! You started CLO Studios with your mum, Trudy, who has an extensive career as an Interior Designer. You are the ultimate mother daughter duo! How did this family business venture come to life? 
I was born into family business’s so that inspired me from a young age. Growing up, Mum and Dad always worked together, and when my sister and I were old enough, we jumped into the mix. When Dad offered me a lease for a retail site in the Noosa Junction the year I finished University, I jumped at the opportunity.  

I opened CLO Studios as my jewellery studio with a shop front, Mum who had been doing interior design had inventory remaining from past projects which kicked off the shop section. As the business evolved and grew so did our roles within the space. It has been a beautiful journey creating with Mum.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt while owning your business? 
To embrace failure. I feel it’s the only way to learn. I see failure as motivation to get back up there. I love to celebrate a good win.  

What is something you are fiercely and unwaveringly passionate about?
One thing I'm currently very passionate about is our new branding. We are launching our new artistic direction this summer. It feels authentic to the brand and it's a bright future. It's been such a fun experience and has given us the chance to reflect on the journey and express who we are. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

CLO Studios is home to the most beautiful pieces - from furniture and home decor, to art. Who or what inspires this curation?
Worldly travels are our number one inspiration. We have been fortunate to travel far and wide to find the most interesting treasures, artisans and brands. Bringing this vast collection together is what creates the CLO unique aesthetic.  
Over time, CLO Studios has grown to deliver customised Interior Design services alongside its concept store. Tell us about how this expansion came to fruition.  
Starting with a furniture and homewares showroom it was a natural progression to build our design team to offer more than one item, but an entire curated home or interior. Our offerings kept evolving and we now offer a full interior design service. We love the opportunity to think about a home or a space in its full entirety, with no limits!  

What are the future aspirations for CLO Studios and the team? 
We have our first container on its way from Paris, which we are so excited about. We can’t wait to have our own antique inventory for interior design projects and to offer them as part of our curation. We are working on new collections of furniture designed in-house, and our Boutique is getting a facelift in early 2022.   

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