In Conversation With: Christina Armstrong of Moss Living

We virtually sat down with Christina Armstrong, founder of Moss Living and former Silk Laundry employee.  A Gold Coast native and local brand owner, Christina shares with us her relationship with Silk Laundry, how she began to explore ceramics, the pieces featured in our Brisbane boutique and her creative goals for 2020.
Katie & Christina at the Silk Laundry, Pacific Fair opening. 

How did your relationship with Katie ( Creative Director ) & Silk Laundry come about? 
Katie and I have known each other through mutual friends but we finally met when one day when I saw an Instagram post of her sitting in her home office during one of our Summer heatwaves. I made a comment of bringing her a fan & then one thing lead to another I sat next to her each day surrounded by silks, lace, beehives, chickens & so many laughs. I’ve followed Silk Laundry from the beginning & I just knew that we were destined to be great friends. Four years later I can say that a true friendship has formed.
Moss Living linens featuring Silk Laundry 90s Silk Slip Dress

When and how did you make your transition to Moss Living? 
Moss Living has always been an idea that I have been terrified to turn into a reality. I suppose my experience with working for Silk Laundry gave me that gentle push to follow my dreams. It’s incredible when you surround yourself with like-minded people & people that believe in you. I will always encourage people to take that step into the unknown as you’ll never know if you don’t try. 
‘Risk It for the Biscuit’ 
So, in 2018 Moss Living was created ‘officially’ & I have never looked back.

What inspires your designs? 
If I could choose one thing that has inspired my designs & Moss Living’s concepts that would be my late mother, Daisy. She had a classic style & was so house proud. I remember she told me that your house is your home but your bedroom is your inner sanctum, your private place that is yours. It helps to bring your comfort, style, inspiration, ambiance & mood to these special spaces. 
When it comes to colours I allow what nature has to offer. I’m also very fortunate to live in Currumbin, QLD where our home sits against an untouched valley of nature that backs onto the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Australia has the most incredible landscapes, colour & wildlife, it's these aspects that inspire my designs for Moss Living. 
Moss Living linens featuring Silk Laundry 90s Silk Slip Dress

When did you begin exploring ceramics? You created a few ceramic pieces featured in our new Brisbane store location, where did your inspiration come for these pieces? 
Ahhh Ceramics… I wouldn’t call myself a ceramist but I do love to play with clay. Again it was only recently that I discovered my love for clay. I met Rikki Day (local artist) through a chance collaboration on Instagram & quickly we became wonderful friends. We joined forces together to bring ‘Art Series on Vessels’ created to comment on the beauty of the natural woman, her bumps, curves and so-called imperfections.  
Katie asked me to make her something special for the recent Silk Laundry Brisbane boutique & it was such an honour & privilege to gift her the first edition of Art Series on Vessels.

What is your go-to Silk piece? How do you style it?
My go-to Silk piece would have to be the Wide Leg Silk Pants & a Round Neck Cami. I would say whilst my time working for Silk Laundry my wardrobe had many beautiful Silk Laundry pieces. Now I can never say 'I have nothing to wear.' 
Forever staples.

What are your creative goals for the year?
With all that has been happening with recent COVID-19 a lot of plans have been put on hold. I would like to create new content for Moss Living & for my customers. My plan was a few location lifestyle photoshoots for our new Winter Collection but at this stage, we need to be safe & try other creative avenues for Moss Living. I’m currently working on some new Linen Wearables for Summer.

Moss Living linens featuring Silk Laundry 90s Silk Slip Dress

Do you have a few things you would like to accomplish or do while self-isolating?
My fiancé, Matt & I have a plan to move & live somewhere new. Let it be France, Italy or Spain and so we put three languages on some paper that we would like to learn. We randomly selected from one of my handmade ceramic bowls Spanish- 'Hola!' So we are going to learn Spanish.

Moss Living