A Day with Georgah Crane


 When planning the photoshoot for our recent charity slip release, Georgah immediately came to mind. She is not only a former colleague but a person that we consider a dear friend of the brand. Now based in Melbourne, her time is split between modelling and beekeeping, and this shoot works to blur the line between the two worlds.

Model: Georgah Crane
Photography: Tasha Tylee

When were you first drawn to working with bees?
Working with bees had never really crossed my mind until I was invited to go by Honey Fingers. Like most people, I thought that beekeeping happened far away out in the country, I never imagined that it was happening in backyards and on rooftops all around me. 

How did you eventually become involved with Honey Fingers?
I had started following Honey Fingers on Instagram and became so interested in this world of beauty and honey and food and the intricacies of how bees live, I had to tell him how much I appreciated his videos. He invited me to come beekeeping and I’ve been doing it ever since! Now we work together and I assist on various projects, Honey Fingers is a beekeeping practice in the spring/summer and artistic practice in the autumn/winter so there is always something going on.

Has watching bees interact taught you things that you can transfer to your life? 
Absolutely, beekeeping (for us at least) is about mindfulness and consideration. Slow movements and observations on what the bees are doing and why. I try to apply this to my life, being more considerate towards myself and appreciating an experience whilst I am in it. 

The most important thing you look for when building your wardrobe? 
Firstly, I have to be totally obsessed with something before I click purchase and bring it home. Who's got room for things that don’t make you happy? Over the last few years, I have been slowly transitioning my wardrobe to include good quality pieces in natural fabrics, styles that I wear over and over again and make multiple outfits from. Clothes that feel really good to wear! 

Working at Silk Laundry was the very beginning of that for me, I saw that silk was such a beautiful and versatile fabric. It’s how to be classy and comfortable at the same time. 

My wardrobe basics include:
- Silk slips (in as many colours as you want, perfect for 40 degree Aussie summer days but also underneath a chunky cosy sweater)
- Straight leg black pants (My Issey Miyake Pleats Please pants were an investment but so worthwhile, I can wear them casually but they also look very put together for more formal occasions)
- Vintage wool blazer (Secondhand stores have so many beautiful ones that are so well made)
- Pale blue Levis ( A given, they look good on everyone and last forever)
- A long billowy cotton dress (Bonus points for full puffy sleeves)

What is your favourite Silk Laundry piece to date? 
It has to be the 90’s slip, it was the very first piece that I owned and now have many. As you wear and wash them, the silk turns velvety and perfectly worn. 

What does the recent charity piece mean to you? 
I love it, I think it’s great that there is more awareness around what's happening with the bees and how people can help. A lot of people are interested but they don’t know very much about bees, so here is a chance to start a conversation and educate. 

A place that you feel the most alive? 
Recently I took a little trip away with some friends to the coast. We had made a beautiful meal for dinner and headed down to the beach to see the sunset. We took a glass of wine and there were dogs running around, the sky and the air was a beautiful shade of pink. It was such a magical moment, that’s what comes to mind when I think of feeling alive.