Flowers In Focus

Flowers in Focus: Photography Competition

The importance of our flora is astronomical. Being the pollinators of earth, their role extends beyond botanical beauty. The very essence of flowers is to ensure reproduction and the survival of our fauna.

Over the years you’ve allowed us the opportunity to express our affinity for flowers. In our designs, boutiques and campaigns, we’ve been able to tell botanical stories that mean something to us.

Flowers in Focus evolved as our way of highlighting the importance and beauty of our flowers - to nature and our brand. They have been an integral piece of Silk Laundry’s puzzle since the beginning.

In April 2022, we launched Silk Laundry’s inaugural photography competition, Flowers in Focus. We asked for your botanical submissions of any kind.

Silk Laundry’s Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski, alongside dear friends, Ezra Patchett and Ani Wilson, were chosen to adjudicate the competition. Hosting space for art in their own lives, their interpretations held immense credibility.

Being our first competition, we didn’t know what to expect. However, all presumptions were jubilantly exceeded. Flowers in Focus attracted nearly 2,000 submissions from all corners of the world. Each entry held its own unique and interesting perspective.

Top 3.

Winner // 
Sunrise Lilies, Olivia Peters

Second Place
Just Like Paper Daisies I Open with the Sun, Claire Dalton

"I love this image. I couldn't stop looking at it. I want to be there all day every day."
- Katie Kolodinski

Third Place // 
Magnolia cap, Zorica Purlija


Wild, Laura Strange

Chamomile Baths, Imogen Jade O'Doyle

Untitled, Natalie McComas

Winter in Bloom, Brigette Dyer

First of the Season, Gwen Paull

Before the Bloom, Susy Goldsworthy

Abruzzo in the Sky, Jessica Grilli

The Fleeting Beauty of Sakura, Trinh Le

The Language of Flowers, Francesca Owen

Little dancer in the dark ~ Caladenia carnea, Jasmine Connors

Silk Laundry’s source of inspiration is multifaceted - continuously evoked by the confluence of beauty and chaos found in the natural world around us. Our commitment to consciousness motivates us to raise awareness and cultivate change for a greater future.

Through Flowers in Focus, we were able to connect with our local communities and our passion for art, culture and nature. We thank you for joining us on this journey of appreciation and for being a part of our mission. May we continue to celebrate the intricacy and light found in our flowers.