Collection Three 2021: A Letter from Katie

 This collection is an ode to those who give, to those who nurture, and to those who care.

When I was a child my parents taught me value in the longevity of guardianship. It was the 1980’s. Environmental and social movements were rearing their heads along with the momentum of revolution. Most of my time was spent outdoors, in all seasons, regardless of the weather. My mom spent time teaching me an unconditional love of all plants and animals, to garden, plant seeds, grow food. She taught me to run in the rain for pure joy and lay down to watch the clouds. I was taken out of school often to travel, making sure I saw cultures very different from my own and people that had much less than we did. I remember at the end of a trip we took to Mexico having to give away all that I had to people who needed it more than us. She taught me the importance of empathy, giving back, to nurture nature and the significance of perspective.

Dad, on the other hand, to this day, is opposed to any kind of waste. Resources of any kind are precious, whether it’s food, water, or electricity. He is deeply opposed to any kind of vilification of wild animals that are naturally meant to be a part of our ecosystem. He’s a fisherman and would often take me fishing and camping, cooking fish or canned beans in the open fire and sleeping in tents on the ground. He’s a quiet man who understands the interconnectivity of the earth, and the cyclic nature of all things.

When the time came to design this collection, I mused on this period of my life, the clothes my mother would wear day to day for groceries, and school drop offs, but also practical, beautiful clothing meant for adventure. This marks the beginning of a new phase for Silk Laundry, experimenting with new fabrications and shapes. From waterproof silk to blends of yak we are breaking out of what we are known for and evolving, whilst remaining true to why I began Silk Laundry in the first place: to make clothing from beautiful fabrics that doesn’t cost the earth or our society. It’s Silk Laundry, elevated and updated.

A lot of what I learned through childhood still bears weight with who I am today. This collection is a reflection of a life I wish to lead, filled with beauty, practicality and adventure.

- Katie Kolodinski, Creative Director & Founder