Celebrating Silk Laundry in New York

Anchored in the iconic and pulsating heart of New York City, we were thrilled to celebrate Silk Laundry amidst New York Fashion Week by hosting a vibrant cocktail event at The Spaniard.  

Along with Creative Director and Founder Katie Kolodinski, we brought together key friends of Silk Laundry to celebrate our brand and the artisanal craftsmanship behind our designs. 

The event was filled with an incredible mix of New York-based creatives and artists who were dressed in timeless Silk Laundry garments, available now or coming soon in upcoming collections. 

Filled with meaningful conversations, laughter, and the clinking of glasses, the evening embodied our dedication to forming and nurturing a community wherever we go. 

We were profoundly appreciative of everyone who came together, making it an unforgettable gathering that truly reflected our commitment to working with local artisans, designers and everything in between to explore how fashion can be the intersection between luxury, conscious living and engaging with the world around us.