BTS: Aquarelle

The intention behind shooting in Barcelona began with an attraction to the lighting and scenery its’ beaches offered. Our attachment to the city developed, however, due to the important creative relationship with our team across the Atlantic. Following the release of our Aquarelle print, we have the opportunity to showcase the editorial shoot and the group of creatives behind the visuals.

A few years ago, Katie, our Founder and Creative Designer, was introduced to Marianne Krauss under the pretext of offering a few silk dresses for the stylist to have on hand for shoots. The two became good friends and Marianne’s friend and colleague Ezra Patchett, our photographer, was introduced. Marianne and Ezra built their team from there and have shot for Silk Laundry since. The key to a collaborative work and personal relationship, Katie emphasizes, is in a deep understanding and respect for creative differences. Being comfortable, honest and in admiration of those you work with facilitates not only friendships but growth and an aesthetic evolution in the imagery produced.

Aquarelle is a sophisticated, vibrant summer print. It is composed of only the most energizing, bold pantone hues, meticulously chosen to complement one another. Aquarelle both stands alone and pairs with ease in the Bias Cut Skirt, 90s Slip Dress, Bias Cut Cami, and Long Button Front Skirt.