Benefits of Silk In Winter

Soft, biodegradable and luxurious – it’s only natural that silk stands as the core material of Silk Laundry. Its unique properties make it a lustre and durable material designed to be gentle on the environment and last wearers for years to come. 

While it is perfect all year round, there are several beneficial factors to wearing silk throughout the colder winter months. 


Silk is insulating due to its ability to trap air within its fibres, creating a natural thermal barrier. This trapped air serves as an effective insulator, providing warmth by preventing heat loss in colder conditions. Additionally, silk's unique structure, lightweight nature, and drapability contribute to its insulation properties, making it an excellent choice for garments that balance comfort and warmth.

Temperature Regulating 

The protein structure of silk fibres can absorb and release moisture without feeling damp. This helps regulate body temperature by keeping the body cool in warm conditions and able to retain heat during cold periods.  

Versatile and easy to layer 

Silk's inherent simplicity and versatility make it perfect for day-to-night transitions. Ideal for layering in cooler months, its lightweight nature effortlessly pairs underneath other garments without weighing you down. 

Soft and comfortable 

Silk has stretch and flexibility letting the material to comfortably conform to the body’s natural shape. Silk allows you to feel at ease while sustaining a refined appearance, perfect for the winter times when comfort and practicality are a priority. 


With allergies and winter dryness on the horizon – silk is hypoallergenic making it gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. Its natural properties resist allergens and irritation, providing a softness especially beneficial during cooler months when skin tends to be more reactive.